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The African Teacher: Burning Spear

1. I’ll never forget the fall of 2006. Burning Spear’s resounding chants, astute baselines, and victorious horns initially graced my ears. The Professor’s chants are carefree, yet cohesively bearing fruits of wisdom. 2. When I contemplate Burning Spear’s reinforced sequence … Continue reading

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The Wailers Band: Carlton Barrett : The Drummer : Aston Barrett :The Bassist

*1. Throughout the past five years I’ve become an aficionado of the superlative one drop rhythm technique abound in reggae drumming. The pristine style is ingenious, sophisticated, cultured, and snazzy. It exudes the intrigue of delaying the bass drum until … Continue reading

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Ethio-Jazzman | Ethiopian Entertainment News

*1. I was introduced to the sublime and global jazz sub genre one year ago. As a result, Mr. Astatke instanter became one of my foremost musical influences! I was pleased as punch by the Afro exotic flavor overflowing with … Continue reading

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