Hipster cool Ethiopian style via @panditalo @alexfrancophoto

Short 1’30 interview with fashion photographer Alex Franco (@alexfrancophoto) about
his photos of the uniquely stylish Omo Valley tribes of Ethiopia:
Their inventive and playful designs, bold and brilliant use of colour
and catwalk like poses are truly arresting. Hope you agree!



Here is a little more information:

• The tribes live in Ethiopia in East Africa
• Alex has been visiting the Omo Valley tribes and staying with
families there for some time. He’s just returned from his latest
• His photos feature the Hamer tribe (mainly) but also the, Mursi,
Banna and Bodi tribes
• Resilient local traditions are combined with Western fashion in an
original, quirky way

Post kindly submitted by: Pandia Lorenz @panditalo from @bbcworldservice

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