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Malaria Prevention in Amharic, Afan Oromo, and Tigrigna via @SAWBOsm team

Malaria Prevention in Amharic (accent from Ethiopia) ወባን መከላከል በአማርኛ (ድምፅ ከኢትዬጵያ) Malaria Prevention in Afan Oromo Dhukkuba busaa irraa of ittisuu Afaan Oromootiin (Sagaleen Ityoophiyaa Irraa) Malaria Prevention in Tigrigna ምክልሻል ሕማም ዓሶ

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#Cholera Prevention in Amharic – ኮሌራን መከላከል በአማርኛ

#Cholera Prevention in Amharic (accent from Ethiopia) ኮሌራን መከላከል በአማርኛ via @SAWBOsm team

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