The Wailers Band: Carlton Barrett : The Drummer : Aston Barrett :The Bassist

Lena Chantel

Lena Chantel

*1. Throughout the past five years I’ve become an aficionado of the superlative one drop rhythm technique abound in reggae drumming. The pristine style is ingenious, sophisticated, cultured, and snazzy. It exudes the intrigue of delaying the bass drum until the third beat of the measure.

Furthermore, I am an ardent devotee of the electric bass guitar, which evokes valiant precision in song fabrication. Ergo, I’ve decided to elaborate on the creator of the one drop metre, the late great Mr. Carlton Barrett, as well as his guru bass playing brother, Mr. Aston “Familyman” Barrett. They both were pioneering members of Mr. Bob Nesta Marley’s paramount band, The Wailers.

*2. My fellow Bob Marley and Wailers fans, can you hear in your mind the silvery mode that envelopes you in the tranquil mood of their riddims? That is a surefire result of Bob and his master band’s poetic delivery!

Bob Marley - War

*3. As a musician, I dissect each instrument of a song to it’s core over a succession of listens. Their musical implementation has me enchanted with every isolated note played!

*4. Mr. Carlton “Carly” Barrett was an integral reggae drummer, whose brainchild I am fascinated by, and ever so thankful for! The Bob Marley anthems “War” and “Them Belly Full” were penned by Carlton. There is a shared penmanship of the classic Bob Marley tune, “Talking Blues”, with his brother.

*5. The duo of siblings were raised with a molding in ska, and often collaborated with other reggae heavy hitters. The two primed and robust cocooned into their world wide emblematic approach!

*6. Carlton’s premature death at the age of 36 was an utter calamity, that I wish could be undone!

*7. Mr. Aston “Familyman” Barrett, is the undeniable force behind the luscious and groovy electric bass flow prevalent in the Wailers’ sound. Familyman’s artistry is indeed visionary and quite astounding! He upholds many crests in the Wailers band, most profoundly the chief constituent! The avid mentor helped to restore the Wailers band after the unfortunate death of legend, Bob Marley. They have since released titles such as “ID” and “Majestic Warriors”.

*8. Please enjoy the two article links and two videos. I hope that you savor the music with mellow thoughts and one love! The first song is one of my dearest selections, “War”. The second is another favored source of knowledge, “Them Belly Full”.

*9. I must say thank you ~very much Field Marshall, as Carlton liked to be called, and to you Familyman for your unrivaled contribution to the music industry!!…..

Rest In Zion, Field Marshall!…


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