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Lena Chantel

*1. I would like to expound on Mr. Curtis Mayfield, who in my opinion was a soul, funk, jazz maestro.  Mr. Mayfield’s album catalog ascends his straightforward Super Fly soundtrack.  However, my concentration in this blog are two chants of contrast from the impressive artist’s principled score.  The recordings speak volumes to the masses in layman’s terms. The first is an abrupt eye-opener of hard-core street life.  The second is a melody that sends chills of romance down my spine.

*2. My musical must-haves include some degree of funky pizazz! Mr. Mayfield is one of my most revered, who fulfill this statute of mine.

*3. In the mid-nineties I discovered many blaxploitation films.  Several became my favorites, including ~Coffy starring my most beloved actress, Ms. Pam Grier, and Super Fly starring the late Mr. Ron O’Neal.  These two gutsy movies were filmed a couple of years prior to my birth.  I had to play “catch-up” on the goings-on of the unforgettable 70′s.  There is a demographic contra to this era of films.  My perspective is that they are movies which portray the gritty in life, not to be glorified, but to teach.  I assessed red light alerts from a myriad of life’s perils characterized in these dramas.

Curtis Mayfield ~ Freddies Dead

*4. In particular, I was a bit caught off-guard, though piqued when I first heard Mr. Mayfield’s story telling in “Freddy’s Dead”.  The socially conscious lyrics are a cry for the people to cling to a message bonafide with the consequences of living by the sword.   The melodious backdrop is endowed with his Fender Stratocaster!  I’ve included the live performance video of this divulging piece for your scrutiny.

Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love

*5. “Give Me Your Love”~, is an affectionately rhythmic arrangement.  The dreamy 70′s music feel embraces your feelings, and invites you to relax in the heart of it all.  The passion cascades from the notes, and come what may, you are wrapped up in the arms of love.  I adore this composition!  It ignites compassion, giving way to the groundwork of devotion.  The refrain is direct and has a multitude of meanings, therefore, drawing you in completely!  View this video and experience the bosom of tenderness. 

*6. For further examination of the “Super Fly Guy”, click here.

*7. Rest In Perfect Peace, Mr. Mayfield!…~Bless!


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