Teza Screening – Ambassador Theatre – Addis Ababa, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear All

You are cordially invited to the screening of the international film festival top drama award winner the movie “Teza” by Prof. Haile Gerima.

Based on popular demand the movie “Teza “ will be screened Ambassador Theater/Cinema, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel.011 553 7637

When: Tuesday, April 26, 2003 Ethiopian Calendar

Time:   10 and 12 PM Ethiopian Time

When: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time:   4 and 6  PM


Teza has been able to achieve an amazing cross over popularity, resulting in its being invited to screen at numerous International film festivals. It first saw its popularity surge at the 65th International Venice Film Festival, its public premiere attended by the producers, director and cast was met with 20 minutes of applause from a packed audience. It was the favored film for the highest award until it was upstaged by Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. Even so Teza won the Special Jury and Best Screenplay awards. The film was next invited to Toronto, where it was also well received. It was entered in competition at the Carthage International Film Festival in Tunisia where it swept 5 categories, including Tanit D’Or for Best Film, Best Screenplay (Haile Gerima), Best Music (Vijay Ayer and Jorga Mesfin), Best Supporting Male Lead (Abeye Tedla) and Best Cinematography (Mario Masini). Thereafter its showing in the Dubai International Film Festival achieved best score for Jorga Mesfin and Vijay Ayer.

Awards and nominations

FESPACO in Burkina Faso:

Golden Stallion of Yennenga

UN Anti-Poverty Prize to Haile Gerima

Zain prize for originality, technical quality and performance.

Venice Film Festival  · SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

OSELLA Prize · Best Screenplay (Haile Gerima)

SIGNIS Award · Special mention to Teza by Haile Gerima

Leoncino d’oro Award 2008 (Agiscuola):

Cinema for UNICEF commendation · Teza by Haile Gerima

CinemAvvenire · Cinema for peace and the richness of diversity Award: Teza by Haile Gerima

Carthage International Film Festival in Tunisia

Golden Tanit- Best Film

Best Music

Best Cinematography

Best Male Supporting role

Amiens International Film Festival in France:

Golden Unicorn – Best Feature Film

Rotterdam International Film festival

Dioraphte Award Hubert Bals film in highest audience regard.

Dubai International Film Festival in Dubai

Best Music

Amazonia Film Festivalin Venezuela

Amazonia Award

Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece

Human Value’s Award


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