How to prevent cooling from warming up the world

Air conditioners and other cooling devices are critical for millions of people worldwide, particularly with rising temperatures. But while these appliances can save lives, they're also big contributors to global warming.
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A PICTURE AND ITS STORY-After 18 years apart, Ethiopian man finds his family in Eritrea

ASMARA, July 20 (Reuters) - When Ethiopia and Eritrea went to war in 1998 and deported each other's nationals en masse, Addisalem Hadgu thought he had nothing to worry about, safe in the belief his Ethiopian passport would shield his Eritrean wife from expulsion.
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PhD student Lloyd Melusi Maphosa: ‘I just followed my heart’

Had he listened to his grandfather, Lloyd Melusi Maphosa would probably be a lawyer now. But the 29-year old PhD student knows that he made the right choice in studying history.
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Singapore: Hackers get away with 1.5 million patients’ public health records

Around a quarter of Singapore residents have had their health records breached following a cyberattack on the country's public health system. Hackers targeted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, a two-time cancer survivor.
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As Ethiopia’s "Wall" comes down, exiles dream of going home

JOHANNESBURG, July 20 (Reuters) - First came the shock, then the tears of joy, then the dreams of home.
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Khmer Rouge genocide in the minds of Cambodian youth

A tradition of silence surrounds the horrific atrocities committed in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime during the 1970s. How does the nation's youth view that difficult part of their history?
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Several killed after amphibious vehicle capsizes in Missouri

Rescue teams were deployed to Table Rock Lake in the US state of Missouri after an amphibious vehicle capsized with over 30 people on board. More than a dozen people died in the incident.
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How does the world’s second most populous nation speak?

Census authorities have revealed the results of the latest language data in India, taking into account the languages spoken by the nation's over 1.2 billion people. The results showed some interesting findings.
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Macron fires security aide filmed beating protester

French President Emmanuel Macron has fired his security aide Alexandre Benalla for beating a protester and impersonating a police officer. Macron faces fierce criticism for failing to respond to the incident sooner.
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British government mocked for poor Brexit paper translations

An attempt to translate the paper outlining the UK's exit from the EU has unleashed a wave of ridicule from native speakers on the continent. The German version is said to be "archaic" and "mythical" in its word choice.
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